Vor oda zruck

AT 2018 // 6 min


Bavaria, 1910. Two young women want to escape from a demanding father, the frightening brother and more important: From the boring food. There is only choice to break free: Travel to another time.
This short film was our contribution for the INSTANT36 Film Festival and was produced within 36 hours.


Magdalena Oettl
Eva-Maria Weingärtler
Hannes Kirschner


Regie & Schnitt: Hannes Kirschner
Produktion: Hannes Kirschner & Eva-Maria Weingärtler
Kamera: Veronika Penz
Ausstattung: Ricarda Studeny
Kostüm: Kerstin Gatterbauer
O-Ton, Sound Design & Mischung: Patrick Schmid
Musik: Christoph Biribauer