Shore of Unspoken

AT 2018 // 4 min


A young woman realises that she has to make a lot of sacrifices for her big dream of becoming a professional dancer. Receiving no support from her friends and family, she is torn between her big dream and the desire for security and approval. Are all the sacrifices worth it?


Dancer: Eszter Petrány
Voice: Julia Windischbauer


Veronika Penz: Screenplay, Directing, Editing, Sound Design
David Reindl: Screenplay, Cinematography, Color Grading
Martin Dorfer: Motion Capture, 3D Simulation, Rendering
Michael Hammerer: Modeling, Post Production, Sound Design
Jasmina Huynh: Text Production, 3D Simulation, Organisation
Manuel Sam: 3D Layout, Modeling, Shading