Alles ist jetzt

AT 2020 // 47 min


After retiring, they wanted to travel. Do the things they never had time for due to their clock and watch store. Then Ferdinand develops dementia. And Lini is confronted with the reality that her husband is fading away right in front of her eyes.

The moments between forgetting and remembering, tragedy and humour are testing them both one final time and reveal a new unexpected understanding of what it takes to be happy.


Elfriede Schüsseleder
Christian Futterknecht
Michael Peter Fischer
Inge Maux
Marion Rottenhofer
Pater Benjamin Schweighofer


Writer/Director: Veronika Penz
Producer: Hannah Schaefer
Director of Cinematography: Gregor Perle
Editor: Andreas Bacher
Original Sound & Sound Design: Patrick Schmid
Set Designer: Teresa Wöhr
Costume Designer: Magdalena Hofer
Make Up & Hair Artists: Corinna Spitznagl & Sylvia Langer