As a kid, when I used to come up with newspaper articles. In my teens, when you’d see me around taking photos of basically everything that I stumbled upon. And via music pretty much all my life (I quit the obligatory recorder already in primary school but still stick to the piano and cello).

During my Bachelor’s Degree in Media Technology and Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg I discovered my passion for audio-visual storytelling. Besides doing formal experiments in order to dive deeper into its secrets (“Anita”, “sollicitus”) I see it both as a duty and privilege to deal with current topics (e.g. performance pressure in “The Shore of Unspoken”).

Film gives the possibility to shed light on topics that need to be discussed. Currently I am working on a 30-minute-short called “Alles ist jetzt” which concerns the effects of dementia on nursing relatives (premiere in June 2020).